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Saturday, February 23, 2008


This was involved in one of the make-overs of a house where the home-owner was a photographer and wanted to do a fun shoot of the hosts. I did my best marilyn---without the John F. Kennedy perk.


This was one of the best birthday presents I got. A night in Ashville with my best friend Shawna going to a concert of my favorite band---the indigo girls!!!
Needless to say we were by far the most feminine things in the whole place---but nothin like some good harsh lesbian music to empower me! I left feeling like a much stronger and angrier woman!!!

The flower...

I saw this flower reaching for the light on my hike in Sedona.
This picture best describes how I feel right now in my life here in Atlanta.
Interpret that as you will.


Well, since I have some free time on the show----working only 3 days a week- I decided to sell my fab. skills as the hostess with the mostess--for none other than COKE---since it is Atlanta and Coke it IT here. This is me talking about how Coke is strategically placed by all the other products in the store and how important that is for the coke sale.
I was very grateful for this job. However, I know there was a point my life exemplified a little more purpose than this.....
.......wasn't there?

ON FITNESS??? really??

Okay just a reminder---this was BEFORE I went to Italy and ate gelado, had red wine and enough bread to turn this magazine cover into naming it OFF fitness. I am also in Atlanta where the average meal consists of something fried with a side of grits. So I now use this cover as an inspiration of where I can get to. Problem is I got that 'in shape' from a bad bad break-up. So I either need to find another broke, unemployed insecure musician to have an awful relationship with and then have an even worse break-up so I can get back to that shape,.. or......just lay off the fried grits.


Well----another year---officially!! Had the worst flu of my life, but I managed to still celebrate----mostly people from work--and my best male friend JEFF COLT!!! He took a much needed break from law school and came to celebrate with me.
AND as I was ready to blow out my birthday candles my friend (and designer of our show) rolls out the "over the hill" banner.
Kills me!! So funny---I took it in stride---had the party on the top floor of my building called the SKY LOUNGE. We had live music and then all played games----the perfect way to bring in my birthday in Atlanta----I just think one year ago I was in northern australia hosting animal planets "ms. adventure" How did I ever know this is where I would bea year later??? And more importantly, where will I be NEXT year??


well I never thought there would come a day where I actually paid for my parents hotel----
But me and Howie found a great deal---we went to Phoenix because we were freezing in Sedona---and found a hotel that allowed dogs, and had a great pool and great service. Now that my parents are getting older I thought it'd be fun to take care of THEM for the first time in my life! I am sure a nice dinner and a great hotel for a night will finally make it up to them for paying for my education, car, wedding, and every expense I had till I was in my mid-30's?---o.k. the Hotel was not great enought to make-up for all that,- but I thought the gesture was nice--and Howie loved the room service.


My parents have decided to retire in beautiful sedona---so me and Howie got the chance to visit them on my break from hosting "design to sell"--
Still can't believe my parents are old enough to retire--I somehow I knew it would not be in Florida---thats too normal. Instead it's red rocks and mountains and desert.....and watching them hike together reminds me of the strength of togetherness----all the years making it work----when I am only able to commit to my little dog. But I do have a great commitment at that. He looks at the scenery with me and I know there is a part of him admiring the beauty and grateful as I am for a best friend to enjoy this with.