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Monday, September 04, 2006

Loss of a bright light

I am taking a break for a while in my blogging adventures, to reflect and remember a man who was truly an inspiration to me in my animal journeys. I feel very sad today as I write this. Steve Irwin moved on from this adventure here on earth to the next place beyond, today at 11:00 am September 4, 2006.

He was exploring the great barrier reef (where I was snorkeling just 3 weeks ago) and swam across a sting ray. Reports say the tail of the stingray pierced him through the heart. As he would say, animals are not dangerous, they are mostly just defending themselves. Ironically, in all the dangerous positions Steve put himself in, this one was not considered dangerous at all. Steve dedicated his life to caring for and rehabilitating animals and putting them back into the wild. He and his wife started "the Australian Zoo" which enlightened and educated people about the wonders and mysteries of animals. The world remembers him as "the Crocodile Hunter," but he was so much more. He loved animals and his family, even naming his daughter after his favorite Crocodile....

His life, sparkle and joy inspired us all, and it showed in his vibrant personality, his love for animals, his dedication to his family, his courage and risk-taking, and his willingness to create a place and a character in this world that no one had ever seen before him.

Steve Irwin has given me an example by living the life he lead doing what he loved and at the same time contributing to the world of animals and people--and always making people smile and laugh along the way. That is my mission, too.

I only hope I can take what he gave to this world and continue his legacy in the best way "Ms. Adventure" and Rachel Reenstra can. He truly was a bright light for people and animals of our life time--and will be extremely missed.

I am sad that I never had the chance to meet him, but grateful that he has shared a light with me that I will keep alive.

Sometimes it is not about how long your star gives light, but how brightly it shines.

And Steve, I also know your light never died , it is just shining bright in another place now. Thank you for sharing it here.