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Monday, July 13, 2009


What can I say. After 2 weeks of poisoning my mind with CNN I could no longer sit around and be sad about Michael Jackson anymore. I had to DO something. Out of the millions of people who signed up, I did NOT get chosen to go to the memorial. Ahhh, the irony of winning a lottery ticket where the grand prize is a funeral- and then being bummed when I didn't "win".
So how could I celebrate Michael Jackson in my own way?.... I jumped in my convertible, grabbed one of my best friends who was also feeling pretty crappy about M.J's passing, and I took us to NEVERLAND. Secretly I wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but we never made it past the gate. A GREAT bottle of wine and a picnic, was the best we could do. We toasted to Michael and sang our hearts out to M.J. the entire day.. I believe if Michael Jackson was alive and could have heard us he would agree...we might have been "BAD" but the day to Neverland was Good. Really, really good.

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At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Jim Jota said...

Enjoyed this Rach. Great job! : )


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