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Life in Hollywierd

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'll be Jessies Girl!!!!

What can I say. 15 years of loving from a distance and we finally connected. It was a moment frozen in time. So many things I had to tell him. So many things he didn't know. I knew we only had a few seconds, but I was hoping as he held my hand that he could feel the years that we have missed out on long walks on the beach, holding hands, just like we were in that moment. I wanted to tell him that if I were JESSIE'S GIRL I would have left Jessie and been with him. Yes, Jessie's girl was a loser and a fool. I wanted to say that although he never wrote me back after all the fan mail I sent him as a troubled teen, that I forgive him now, that we can move on and start all over. Let bygones be bygones. I squeezed his hand and I knew as he squeezed back, we were going to be okay.

Then the song ended and he left me again. I knew I had to let him go. That our moment in time had finally come and gone. As he jumped down from the ledge and ran back on stage I knew from then on we would just be having "An Affair of the Heart." Goodbye Rick. I'll never forget you.