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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The flower...

I saw this flower reaching for the light on my hike in Sedona.
This picture best describes how I feel right now in my life here in Atlanta.
Interpret that as you will.


At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interpret it as we will...

And, interpret it we will.

This flower is not doing very well. It is not getting a lot of
what it needs to do well. It is in
a hostile environment, trying to
make the best of the desert in which it finds itself.

The blossoms are a good sign, but
it still looks like a Christmas
tree from 1963 that someone forgot
about in the attic which explains
all the respiratory problems everyone has been having ever since.

But, I see a hand in the back. Yes?
You want to know...who is Rachel
talking to when she says, "Interpret it as we will?"

Well, she's talking to us. Or, more correctly, to anyone outside herself who will listen.

And more importantly, hear.

This flower represents things
Rachel does not say on her blog--
oh, maybe things she hints at,
but not things she comes out
and SAYS.

She can't say them. No one really
can. That's why the flower is a
good idea, device-wise.

These things are things, to quote Wilson Pickett, that she thinks and feels, alone and self-revealed,
in the "midnight hour." They usually revolve around the two
biggest lacks in her life, and
the pain of that emptiness.

We feel this pain and this emptiness--not only because we are
on intimate terms with it ourselves, but also because...

We love the Reenster. All times,
all ways.

Do we have any advice? Miracle-Gro
will make no difference. Red wine?
Only temporary relief.

The comment Anonymous made on the
COKE IS IT! entry--well, there's
an answer buried in there...

As well as one hidden in the comment about the health magazine
entry...yeah, that's another answer, too...

But, mostly, this flower needs to
look around and say (if it could
talk, which it can't, but just go
with me here): "What wisdom have
I been sent that I am not heeding?"

This flower needs to read GET LUCKY
and skip to the part where the
Universe says, "Because."

Because that "because" is never
just a "because."

It always has a reason attached
to it.




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