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Monday, January 05, 2009

Re-union Pier---2009!!!!

Well, Howie is chillin out as 2008 comes to an end---2009 is starting out fabulous as I am already learning to live in the flow.
I am in Michigan for one more day, and had the chance to see my 2 best friends Laura and Julie (from highschool).
As we were drinking coffee we remembered a time in college where we just took off and went on a road trip at the last second. Then to my surprise, they decided that life is too short to not do something like that again, and even though they both are married with kids, they made one phone call to their mates, and next thing I know we were all off to an amazing bed and breakfast in Union Pier Michigan for the night.
Since Laura's parents own it, we were treated like VIP's and had an amazing night talking, laughing drinking wine and catching up. Mostly because we were all in the moment and we were all willing to say yes to what life was offering, we experienced an evening that we made into another incredible memory.
Here's to more spontaneous moments in 2009!


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