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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Turkish coffee

After tasting the food, drinking the wine, I decided the one thing I loved about turkey was the shot of coffee you get in a tiny cup, and after about 2 sips, the rest was sort of mud. Good caffienated mud. And the best part is after drinking the coffee, you tip the cup up over, and someone will read your fortune based on the way the coffee drips were left on the cup. Someone read my fortune and said I am getting ready for a new change in my life, lots of money---and that an amazing love will enter my life very soon---however no one told me if this was a genuine fake fortune telling or just a fake one. :)

Ahhh. The turkish shopping....

Well, I think one of these pictures speaks for it'self. At least they are honest about the GENUINE fake watches. As opposed to just regular fake watches. Had to go all the way to Turkey to get the genuine fake.
And carpets-- why the big deal--I did'nt like these kind of carpets in America, but here they show you the effort that it takes for one woman to weave a carpet---day after day---for up to 3 years for just one carpet. I felt so bad for them I wanted to get one just for the cause. But these guys know how to hook us---the serve you wine, and feed you, then show you the woman who work on the carpets and then spend 2 hours rolling out every carpet imaginable--with the oooh's and the aaah's coming from us looking at this amazing spectacle... I got out of there quick while at least 6 of the crew paid way ,way too much for a carpet they will have shipped back to america, and I am guessing when it comes in the mail they might wonder in regret just how many glasses of wine they had prior to the purchase--

I'll be here all night.....

Well one last goodbye to the people of Ephesus----I did a good 5 minutes of my best Turkish material---and got ready to head to Bodrum---I am sure since we are on vacation, there will be some shopping along the way---


Okay let's discuss Ephesus and how cool it was to see the history there----however, many believe that Mary (mother of Jesus) spent her last days here with John. They even found a house they believe she lived in---it is a sacred beautiful place---but when I looked into the history---we are saying that Mary at the age of around 66 traveled from Jeruselem to Ephesus which is the other side of the country. Did she walk? Take a boat? It would have taken years---and also--the house they believe she lived in had no kitchen, no windows, and no bathroom. How did she live there? I am the host of "designed to sell" a show that helps homeowners to make-over their house and get it ready for the market. I felt compelled to have John Gidding (the designer) look at it and see what he could do---we both decided that without a kitchen, bathroom and no windows, our budget of 2000.00 would just not be enough. We lit a candle (adding some light to the house, which added at least 200.00 value) said a prayer and left. Whether Mary lived there or not, the likelyhood of getting any offers for this house, was not very good.

The Crew---

I did not know anyone on this trip except my producer and the designer of our show---so I did not know what to expect--I now I did not expect everyone to be hysterical, fun, warm and connected the second I met them---from the minute we all settled in to our first hotel we were laughing and getting along like we had all been friends for a lifetime---
This picture was taken the first night we went out---I am realizing travelcan be more fun when everyone has a sense of humor----because I think we might need it for the next 10 days....


Well, after being in Atlanta for 6 months---the designer of the show who is from Turkey---decided to plan a trip for him and 13 of his friends (including me) although I never thought about going to Turkey--I am always up for an adventure---so look out middle east----I am on my way to find some turkish delight!