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Life in Hollywierd

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Well, like it or not I am commited to AOL and am afraid to leave. I have had the same AOL e-mail for as long as there has been e-mail. I am so commited to AOL I agreed to do an AOL commercial (coming soon to a cable station near you.) It's all about AOL highspeed now. With all the safety and security functions you could ever need. It's AMAZING. The most revolutionary thing since sliced bread. Who invented sliced bread anyway? Was it that big a deal that bread was sliced? And why hasn't ANYONE invented HIGHSPEED sliced bread?

Anyway, I have treated my relationship to AOL like most the relationships in my life. I'm just too lazy to leave. And now that I am the spokeslady for them, I am glad I didn't. People will be like"wow-is it really that great?" And I can say--"Why do you think I have been with them for so long???"