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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A GOODE first day!!!!

Well, it's the first day and what a blast it has been already! I spent the first few hours getting to know the area and after a nice long nap in my beautiful room looking over the town I had a little time to do some wine tasting and get to know the local wine lovers.....I fell in love with a t-shirt that said "pinot envy" and the wines at LE CREME were pretty good too. Along the way someone told me that if I went to Kendall Jackson I had to have the "hot guy". Well you don't need to tell me more than once to get moving on meeting a hot guy so I ran over there and burst into the winery demanding they introduce me to the hot guy everyone in town was telling me about. The owner looked at me and laughed (a reaction I am quite used to) and told me that the hot guy I was talking about was actually a wine called "HALK EYE", which in my defense does sound a lot like "hot guy". He could tell I was very disappointed. After I got over my humiliation he eased my pain by signing a bottle of "HALK EYE" with "from the hot guy" and giving it to me as a gift!!

At 7pm I met everyone else in the Top Ten and I fell in love with them all. I honestly do not care who wins (although I do have a favorite.) At dinner we all introduced ourselves and after that we voted on the best introduction. Somehow I won (I think they took pity on my "hot guy" story") so I get a free massage tomorrow!!! ---I cant wait. We played some bachi ball after dinner and had a few drinks at a local far so GOODE!