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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Time to pack my trunk and leave!

Well it seems as if it has been forever since I had the chance to blog. So much has happened!

I am now hosting a show on animal planet called "Ms. Adventure!" That's me. Kinda like Crocodile Hunter meets Lucille Ball :) The whole premise of the show is exploring relationships in the human world by taking a look at the animal world!!! I will be going to South Africa, Costa Rica...all over the world to explore cool things about animal behavior, and who knows, maybe learn a thing or two.

As you can see I am pointing at an elephant. Trust me it does get more adventurous than that.

Here I learned that elephants are a matriarchal society, and that they stick together no matter what. Grrrrl power. And when the boys get to be teenagers they get kicked out by the females. As in "C'mon buddy, go get a job and a wife now, we've done all we can here." I'll also be looking at penguins, bees and soon the swamps of the everglades!

So get ready for this fall people. The show premiers Oct. 28. I've spent my entire life preparing for this job....job? This isnt a job, it is an ADVENTURE. And believe me, I'll be putting the MIS-ADVENTURE into every episode :)