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Friday, December 14, 2007

Movin on up!!

Well- here it is 7 episodes in and I still can not believe i am not packing up and going back to L.A.
I have to remind myself this is an actual job. A job that might last a year. or more.
Comittment. Commitment. Commitment. I don't even know if I can spell it let alone do it.
Yes I can. i live in an amzing highrise. I made my apartent just as colorful as I always have--Although this is no 'DESIGN TO SELL" ---I realize MY design has always been lots of color----different forms of "whoville" just this one is the classiest, most expensive and best "whoville with a view" of them all.
I love coming home to my apartment.
Love my doorman. Love that I can say I love my DOORMAN.
As cheezy as this sounds I actually caught myself throwing up my hat in the air and hearing the Mary Tyler Moore theme song
"your gonna make it after all......."

20 YEARS LATER!!!!!!


So everyone dreads the 20 year highschool re-union, but I actually looked forward to it. I found out the other school I attended up to 9th grade was having theirs the same night----who crashes reunions? I guess that would be me.
I went with 2 best friends from 4th grade who I still keep in touch with. As we walked in I started having incredible flash-backs---there was kenny hoekwater--my very first crush when I was 8! Then there was Sue DeJong who I ran against for 9th grade class president and won. ( most likely because my slogan was "dont be a weenie vote for reenie")
Then there was Mark Winkle the smartest kid in the class (now a Dr.) and My best friend from 2nd grade who I knocked out with a baseball bat during a softball game. (never played sports since)
After a few hours and tons of pictures and alot of "I saw you on tv on that one thing..."
I skipped to pick up my cousin (she was my date) for the reunion at a DOUBLE TREE INN bar (I grew up classy white trash) And the real fun began----laughing, dancing, drinking, and lots of "do you remember" and "What are you doing now" and of course " I saw you on t.v. on that one show..."
And I got to see my first Love. The longest relationship I ever had---6 years!! He was there with his wife and I barely recognized him. Not enough time and too many people---most of them looking exactly the same but some with a few divorces and everyone with lots of kids already in highschool!!!Its hard not to compare at an event like this, but I left feeling happy about exactly where I ended up and smiling at the thought of being married to my x and living in Michigan---with 2 kids--- just made me feel even better about going back to my life, and made me thankful for my dog, my highrise, my job hosting a design show in atlanta but most of all my freedom.....sweet, sweet freedom

my other saving grace in the BIG move! Best sister ever---flew to Atlanta rented a u-haul with me and I finally helped me move out of my friends house ( Em and Pete) so they can stop calling me Dupree (referring to me as owen wilson in "you,me and dupree")
so I moved into my new place!
AND-I realized why my sister does not have a t.v.
At first I thought it was because she was one of those "I am too cool for t.v." people but it is the opposite. I had cable and she turned into a Zombie on crack. She maintained one facial expression like a look of shock and she would just stare at the television in a hypnotic like trance. I let her know she could CHANGE the channel and did not have to keep it on the first thing she turned it on, but she couldn't.
I saw her clear addiction and it was not pretty. She then let me know she does not watch t.v. because she is too cool for it, but because it clearly has a strange power over her and she may never get up and
leave the house if she had one.
I finally understood......even Howie lost consciousness after a few hours on her lap in front of the t.v.,....but she could not stop.
We ended up planning the moving chores around who flava flave picked in the 4 hour flava flave
marathon. Pathetic. But ohhhh sooo good.


Well, there are times when I am sure that my dog is smarter than me. Any dog who ends up living in a highrise and having a painting of his face on the main wall has to be doing something right. He is curious enough to care, peaceful enough to nap, and confident enough to not care what people think about his clothes.
He has been my saving grace with this move. When I tell him I miss L.A. he looks as if he agrees, but then reminds me how much more time I have to spend with him here in Atlanta.
OK Cezar the dog whisperer, I may be doing everything wrong as far as making him believe I am the alpha dog, but lets be honest, after his lifesize painting, his diamond collar and his king pillow, why even try to kid either one of us. He knows until there is another man in my life, he runs the house.