It's not easy being REEN

Life in Hollywierd

Friday, February 17, 2006


Well, Its official--I don't feel any older though. And if you look at my hat you can see that it says " I don't wanna grow up." But I really do. I still get excited when I walk down the cereal lane at the grocery store and realize I can buy as many sugar cereals as I want. I can stay out all night and don't have to tell anyone. I can drive a car (not very well, but...). Yes, there are advantages of being a grown-up. Last night I had a joint birthday party with a girl from my sketch comedy group...a very fun night indeed. It usually rains on my birthday every year, but this year it waited one day and tonight the rain is pouring down. The perfect night to recover and stay inside, watch movies and listen to the news casters call this "Storm watch 2006." IT'S RAIN PEOPLE! When it rains here in L.A. it really is equivalent to a 40 ft. snow storm out east. No one goes anywhere. I think it has to do with the traffic. I went to the bank today, and the grocery store and I am exhausted. I felt like I put in a 24 hour day. Because it isn't driving it is "dodging death." ESPECIALLY in the rain.

Okay, I think my big screen t.v. is asking me why I am wasting time infront of such a small screen. I better go.