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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

If I can stay I Promise I'll be an ANGEL!!

well thank God for the first episode and the sweet home owners that were on it! This is Emily and Pete. We re-did their home and somehow I managed to have them offer me the guest room while I look for a place to live. I am thinking of making it part of the show---I will tell every home-owner that it is neccesary for the host to stay with them for a while---just so we can be comfortable with eachother on tv----anyway, these 2 are friends for life---they really helped me while I was in a tough spot.
We went out the other night for halloween ( I made them dress up) and last night we all made brownies then watched t.v. on the couch. I asked them to make sure they had eggs and orange juice in the house, I like a full breakfast everymorning. Hmmm....I might be getting a little TOOOOO comfortable......

Workin in the Kitchen??

Well I NEVER thought I would be paid to work in the kitchen I can tell you that. If you can see my confused face, it is because this is a DESIGN show and I do not know anything about re-designing a kitchen. But I am all smiles because at the end of the day we are going to help this poor couple sell their house by changin up a few things for the better. Look at the last picture--my producers were posing as well---I had no idea----they crack me up. They really are funny. But then so is the fact that I am on HOME and GARDEN TV??? Still in shock.