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Sunday, June 11, 2006

bike away

I have nothing to say about mountain biking except, I have no idea how I could look like a grandma on a mountain bike,

as you can see I took a picture of me and the helmet, because that is the only one that looked like I knew even a LITTTLE bit what I was doing.

I can barely walk right now. many- many- bumpy roads in africa ---waddling for 2 weeks will be great.

too bad we already did the penguin episode.


flying high

Well, today I saw it all. I got in the chopper, and about 50,000 feet in the air he realizes his door was not shut. Whoops.

HI! Pilot! I guess the basic things like shuting the door is forgotten when we are searching for wild elephants.

Amazing scenery. Finally it looked like Africa. Every view from the car was long highways and robots and sadly enough a few strip malls. I was happy to hear the young guy driving me around NEVER HEARD OF A STARBUCKS. I have faith again. Yet, he also never heard of Neil Diamond or Simon and Garfunkel.

Oh and one more thing: when they say I am going to do it "just now" or "Now now" it means NEVER, or when they get around to it. I might just take that one back to the states, it could come in handy :)

You know, from that high up in the chopper, it was so peaceful and exciting, and much more comforting when both the doors were shut.

I loved it...did not want it to end...but it is only the beginning. Today I rode a helicopter, tomorrow I ride an ELEPHANT!!!!!

Too much to write, I am just trying to keep up. Remember to slow down when the robot is yellow...and stop when the robot is red....

More later....

stray-cat strut

Well, before I enter the wild, I made friends with a local ferocious stray cat.

As you can see I tamed it, and we are now friends for life.

I am hoping to get info from him about the meercats and the cheetahs ... so I have a heads up....

But for now, he is keeping me warm.

I named him Jo. For Jo-burg. The place I am staying right now.

He already told me he is NO relation to meercats. They are from the rodent family as he was quite offended.

I apologized and tomorrow I give him my eggs, for more info....

More later....

guess house???

Well, this is the first day here in South Africa, and here is the view from my guest house.

It's quiet and lovely and I can not tell I am in another country, except that they call stop lights ROBOTS. They gave me directions the other day and said "Go to the 4th ROBOT and take a left."

I was looking for R2 D2.

Tomorrow I helicopter to the elephants, and then mountain bike to the meercats.

Is this my life? Really? All I know is I would love to get pulled over here for running a robot.

More later....

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