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Life in Hollywierd

Monday, October 01, 2007


Thats Wilda and Helen and Mary-ellen and Frank and Pat and Janerro and Bill and Sam and Lynn and Hugert and Stan and My two girls Ava and Sandy, and Dick and Walter and Carol!!
I made a seating chart yesterday and memorized everyones name! They all laughed at me but Roberto (the guide) calls me the light of the bus. At least I think that's what he said--it was in italian.

a fathers revenge....

Ahh, even at the young age of 50 something, the father still gets the last laugh. After having to much fine red wine and a few cigars in Assisi the night before, the next morning on the bus sitting next to his dad, was Bill's reward. His father enjoyed every minute of his poor sons suffering.......Luckily Bill came prepared. Nice to see even after parents are too old to ground you, they somehow get to revel in their childs self- punishment.