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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cute as a devil

The only experience I have had with a Tasmanian devil has been watching Bugs Bunny cartoons. Now, after seeing one up close, I understand the cartoon version so much more.

I went all the way down under to Tasmania and I had a lovely Ozzy Androo Kelly (taz expert) tell me all about them.

This creature screams bloody murder, just as a normal way of talking. The loud screeches hurt the ears, but then I learned why they might scream so much: the female devils pretty much stay pregnant constantly, with only 6 weeks off a year--I can only hope they plan a relaxing 6 weeks on a cruise or in the Bahamas to make up for all the work they do as a mom.

The mothers can also decide how many kids she wants, by only supplying milk to the number of teats that she wants kids. So she might give birth to 30 kids, but only supply milk to 3, and then, only 3 survive. And you thought your mom was controlling.

Mom drags them around and they clutch on to the teats for dear life. I was lucky enough to hold a baby taz, but only for a moment as you do not want to upset a screaming mother tasmanian devil.

The older one I am holding has mellowed out --maybe because she is too old to have kids, and can finally relax a little.

This animal sure proves that being a mom is a real scream.

mud bath

Here's mud in your eye. Literally. Every now and then Ms. Adventure is willing to get a little dirty on her quest.

This is me and the producer Maggs and the co-producer Alicia. We were filming on an island in Borneo, and I had to get into the mud so I insisted they help me so I knew exactly how they wanted the shot. Apparently there is no sense of gravity in the dense mud and we kept falling all over each other.

Unable to stand up in the mud without falling, we barely got the shot. The good news is it's been weeks and my skin is still glowing....

Swan to find true love?

Well, I'm searching the animal kingdom for true love -- and I think there is hope: swans mate for life. Something I have yet to figure out how to do.

The male hunts for food and builds the nest while the female sits on the eggs. It's a little old fashioned, but I like it, the idea of sitting around while the man builds the house and gets me food that is. I mean really, why do we make love so complicated?

Driving a Borneo SUV

Sometimes getting there is half the fun.

This experience driving a water buffalo gave me much more patience for when I have to go back to L.A. and drive in traffic.

I was on my way to check out the proboscis monkey.

I left on a monday and it only took me 4 days.

The best part was the U turn we had to take when we almost ran into another on-coming water buffalo.

There must be an easier way to get around Borneo.

Floating in the parade!

Well, on Thanksgiving day I had the fun experience of being on a float with Gloria Estefan (and her daughter). I got to stare at the bum of a gigantic pig balloon the whole parade, it rained a little, but most importantly, I was on the front of the float singing to the Gloria Estafan music they were playing.

Most people probably thought Gloria dyed her hair blonde because I got a lot of "I LOVE YOU GLORIA!!" directed at me. I just took it in and waved. No one knows I am Ms. Adventure yet, so I guess I'll take in the love for Gloria.

And since it was "the Animal Planet float" I sang "C'MON SHAKE YOUR DOGGY BABY DO THE CONGA...."