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Life in Hollywierd

Friday, January 27, 2006

What's next?

Well--here is the life in Hollywood. One day I think I'll be doing stand-up next week at "room 5" the next day that is NOT the case at all. I booked 2 jobs today. I am now the AOL girl and will be flown to Oregon this Tuesday to film that national commercial. They are then flying me straight to San Diego so I can make an infomercial job I got as well. Somehow the AOL people wanted me bad enough to and work around MY schedule. My God, I didn't even HAVE a schedule untill today. Then I take a train on Saturday back to L.A. and leave again on Sunday to fly to Maryland for an audition.

I feel really blessed to be working, but all of a sudden my life will be a whirlwind of on camera work next week, and in preparation the gods of good humble and humor gave me an oncoming zit the size of Mt Everest. It takes over my whole right cheek. PERFECT -- I'm not asking to be pretty, just not DEFORMED.


Standing-up again

Well, the latest is that I am being flown to Maryland Feb. 6 to test for Animal Planet for the show "Ms. Adventure." The audition will take an entire day. They will actually have an animal handler there--and I am to improve as if I am in the jungle.

I have to keep reminding myself the show is for Animal Planet, not Comedy Central. I have the comedy down, but have to remember to tone it down a bit for the kids. :)

Anyway, to let out my pent up humor, I am officially back to doing stand-up again. I will be performing this Thursday night at a bar called "Amalfi" its at 143 N. Labrea. I'll be performing at 8pm in the room upstairs called "room 5."

It's a normal show with a few comics givin' it up. Can't wait. I miss the stand-up. Been sittin' on my ass for too long :)

I actually am looking into getting a professional "booker" and doin' some comedy all over California if this whole "Ms. Adventure" thing falls through. Meanwhile I am also in the midst of writing and performing in a sketch comedy group called "free lunch." So far the sketches are awful. One idea I had was that everyone perform a sketch with paper bags over their heads. Inspired by my "soy milk" audition that I was never called back for. Paper bags. For some reason its a funny visual for me.

Anyway--going to bed as I am back on the unemployed starving artist time clock...(to bed by 3am...up by noon).

More later my dear fan.

or fans?