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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well I am back in Rome---with a few more days to experience this city on my own......well, sort of on my own.......I have an old friend Marco (is there another name for men here?) that is coming down from Milan to see me for a day....and then I might end the trip with my other Marco who I met here in Rome. But for now I will explore this city with its fountains and piazzas----and listen to the italian language that if I don't say so myself, I am getting pretty good at......and maybe have ---yes--more gelado, cappuccino and red wine :)

Goodbye to amalfi.....

This trip is soon over and as I kiss goodbye to Amalfi I feel so much more relaxed, happy, and ready to end the trip with one final date with Rome. The Amalfi coast is magical, peaceful, full of life and has shown me a part of the world that I feel richer for having experienced. One of the reasons I went to Italy was to experience myself in a place out of anything like my home, to get to know the people, the area, and get to know myself outside of the hustle and bustle of L.A. life.......mission accomplished.

This is how I feel here in Italy. But with a shirt on. I mean let's face it, even though I am sure the wine tastes watered down for the mermaids here in Italy, they still can't help themselves.

missing my boy....

What can I say?? I miss my baby----I saw this little black dog on the road and I had to spend some time with him---I realize on this trip--there are things that I miss deeply about my home---and that would be my little boy Howie. He is in doggy day care and so I am sure he is having his own adventure and maybe even is writing his own doggy bloggy----
I remember him looking at me on my bed at home wondering what in the world I was doing putting him with stuffed animals--but he took it like a sport---and then when he looked at me with questioning eyes on my bed (or should I say HIS bed) wondering when I would say the magic words "want to GO OUTSIDE??"
anyway, I had a moment of joy when I got to connect with a little blind italian dog---who let me see how much I love and miss my dog at home-- and it is worth noting that I also desperately miss my big screen tv,-- but I never ran into any of those on the streets of italy.