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Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, I just filmed 2 days of an infomercial featuring a HOME MADE SODA MAKER called "SODA STREAM"
What's so amazing about a home made soda maker?? Everything. All you have to do is push a button to carbonate your own tap water, then add any flavor of over 30 they have to choose from,and in 20 seconds flat----you have a fizzy soda of your choice, you save the environment by NOT wasting anymore cans and plastic, you save money since you can make much more than it would cost you to buy in the store, and impress all your friends by always having sparkling water available.
Not to mention I am on my way to WINE COUNTRY competing to be a wine country correspondent and am hoping I can score some extra points with the MURPHY GOODE WINERY people if I show them that I can turn WINE into WINE-SPRITZERS with my home made soda machine........
I have to say that the thing I LOVE about shooting an infomercial
(besides my co-host who brought his own personal mini-fan to cool himself off constantly between shots)
is all the hours the day before when we go over the script. This leads to spending way to much time and energy on deciding if "FIZZ" is the appropriate word, or should I say "Carbonated". This lead to a very heated debate when half the producers (and writer) agreed that "Fizz" really is a fun word, but could people relate to the word "Fizz". I said it so many times to myself the word made no sense anymore. Fizz. Fizzzz. Fizzy.Fuzzy. Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a bear......Someone chimed in that "Bubbly" was just as fun a word and also matched my personality. The debate went on when someone related "bubbly" to "air-heady" and did not like it.
Then, as if the gods of infomercial writing shot thru me with a moment of pure genius, I said
"The word SPARKLING is fun, sophisticated, everyone can relate, and I think it ALSO matches my personality"......
.......there was a moment of silence as if no one could believe that I wasn't just a pretty face selling the product, and that I had just saved infomercial-land with a word everyone could agree on. Suddenly there was satisfied nods and smiles (and applause that went off in my head)
Now we could get to more important things, like what words should we use for other "sparkling" drinks we can make with vodka, tequila, or MURPHY GOODE!!!