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Life in Hollywierd

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


You see the blob on the grass? That's me---how do these old people do it??
I had to collapse-- All this sight seeing and running around is exhausting!!!---I guess I can't say I am too old for least not to the bus people.


Verona was incredible, a very charming, romantic village, once again perfect for me and 40 of my closest geriatric friends.
If you come to Verona you have to visit "Juliet's balcony"
The say this her balcony and this statue of her.
Legend has it that if you place your hand on her left breast, you will attract a lover. So poor Juliet was inappropriately groped all day by a million tourists. It was more fun watching all the japanese tourists get really embarrassed as they took pictures of this ridiculous act. But just so you know, not that I am desperate, BUT---the only reason I felt it was a must is because at this point I am in Italy -the country of LOVE, and I have yet to find romance. I mean I am on a tour bus with 42 grey haired traveling companions so let's be honest, I need all the help I can get.
So if Juliet's left boob is going to help me hook up with an italian stallion, count me in.


So I am writing on my computer at a table overlooking the famous St. Marcs square in Venice---drinking a really -really expensive cappuccino and listening to live beautiful classical musicians play romantic tunes right behind me, watching people and pigeons--why do they seem to LOVE taking pictures with pigeons crawling all over them???---normally people would shoo them away, but in venice---I guess even rats with wings look enticing. I personally enjoyed the view of my hot italian waiter, so I sat drinking coffee for a while. Then I joined the festive venice feeling and bought a joker hat and wore it for the rest of the day---which might explain the strange looks I got all day.


Ok When in Rome----or anywhere else in Italy, it is cappuccino and red wine---not to mention Gelado---- these are MUSTS. People seem happy here---relaxed and always have time for a coffee, wine or ice-cream. Oh and the coffee is STRONG--- and always served with HOT milk ....So I am taking part in the best coffee in the world, the best wine, and I have no idea what they put in the gelado, but it is all molto bene!!! I am gaining some knowledge about italian life, (actually gaining more weight than knowledge)----Now I just need to learn how to ride a motor bike and take up smoking and I will totally italiano.


As much as I thought I was being creative by taking a picture to make it look like I was holding the leaning tower of Pisa up, as I looked around there were about 42 other tourists holding there arms out, trying to do the same.
I was so excited about getting the picture, I forgot that there really is history behind this historic monument. But don't ask me what that is, I just know there has to be something about maybe checking the foundation of the ground before building on it.


Ok ---just when I thought it could not get any prettier---we are in the bus and we drive around a mountain corner into a breath taking view of a crystal blue lake against italian houses built into the green cliffs next to the cleanest little town I have ever seen. Lake Lugano. Boats, cafes, gelado, fountains, a quaint cobblestone town square and once again everyone very well dressed.
I immediately got gelado and a cappuccino ----practiced my italian on a cute waiter, and drank in the scenery. L.A.seems like a life time away. We seem to be rushing through these incredible towns to get it all in, but I don't mind ---it's like small tastes of fabulious dishes, but never getting full.....and perfect for someone who has A.D.D. even with travel.