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Monday, July 20, 2009


Well it is 2 days in to the MURPHY GOODE weekend and it just keeps getting better. We traveled to the vineyards and learned about the history of the grapes and were schooled on how they know when to pick and when the grapes are ready.
My favorite part of the day was blending a few different wines to make the perfect one --I called it "spit bucket" which I always wanted a wine to be called.
A little later we worked in the tasting room for a while, then headed to a dinner half of the group cooked for us---it was there that we learned how to REALLY taste wine. To do this right you must feel, smell, and taste the complexities. I felt a little bit intimidated when words like "graphite" and "granite" were used in describing the taste. Isn't that a type of stone? I kept tasting and tasting but there was never anything in my mouth that came close to tasting like a rock. I am committed to tasting at least a pebble in my next glass, and today I just might lick a stone to see what all the hype is about.
When I first tasted white wine I thought I tasted hints of hairspray. That's what it tasted like to me. Hairspray. Then again that was in the early 90's when my hair needed 2 cans of product before I left the house. Maybe everything tasted like hairspray back then. Even so, I obviously need to really pay attention to all the different smells and taste of a simple sip of wine.
The evening ended with a game of "Liars Dice" which I quickly lost because at that point in the night if there was ANY game that involved counting or adding, I was out.
Monday we have our final interviews and then team 2 (my team) cooks for everyone--(it's a good thing the interview will be over BEFORE I cook anything for anyone)- and it will be our last night here (or first of many.)
No matter what this already has been an experience of a lifetime, I have 9 new friends and a new ROCKY pallet. :)