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Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, there are times when I am sure that my dog is smarter than me. Any dog who ends up living in a highrise and having a painting of his face on the main wall has to be doing something right. He is curious enough to care, peaceful enough to nap, and confident enough to not care what people think about his clothes.
He has been my saving grace with this move. When I tell him I miss L.A. he looks as if he agrees, but then reminds me how much more time I have to spend with him here in Atlanta.
OK Cezar the dog whisperer, I may be doing everything wrong as far as making him believe I am the alpha dog, but lets be honest, after his lifesize painting, his diamond collar and his king pillow, why even try to kid either one of us. He knows until there is another man in my life, he runs the house.


At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it's me again. I am exhausted
now, a feverish bundle of awe, worn
out from contemplating the endless
magic inlaid within your current
batch of posts, perhaps even hallucinating from the sensory overload...oh, look! It's
Daffy Duck and Donald Trump flying
by in a chocolate-covered biplane!

And now, another moodswing: I weep, unashamedly, at the magnificent altar of your creativity.

Yes, the little children see me,
so reverent, so abject, and snigger.
Away with you, jam-smeared crumb-
snatchers! If you only understood
the Reenstra magic as this acolyte
does, your pathetic bleatings and
babble would cease--and you, too,
would fall to the ground, humbled
beyond any known language...

But, enough about the children.
And, instead, to you, Reenstra:
the spotlight is, and must be, yours.

This time, you've chosen to display
another in your infinite array of
talents--your ability to take
a photograph.

You even got the little lump-of-love to cock his head.

Wowed as always,


P.S. P, fy, f and e.


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