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Friday, December 14, 2007

my other saving grace in the BIG move! Best sister ever---flew to Atlanta rented a u-haul with me and I finally helped me move out of my friends house ( Em and Pete) so they can stop calling me Dupree (referring to me as owen wilson in "you,me and dupree")
so I moved into my new place!
AND-I realized why my sister does not have a t.v.
At first I thought it was because she was one of those "I am too cool for t.v." people but it is the opposite. I had cable and she turned into a Zombie on crack. She maintained one facial expression like a look of shock and she would just stare at the television in a hypnotic like trance. I let her know she could CHANGE the channel and did not have to keep it on the first thing she turned it on, but she couldn't.
I saw her clear addiction and it was not pretty. She then let me know she does not watch t.v. because she is too cool for it, but because it clearly has a strange power over her and she may never get up and
leave the house if she had one.
I finally understood......even Howie lost consciousness after a few hours on her lap in front of the t.v.,....but she could not stop.
We ended up planning the moving chores around who flava flave picked in the 4 hour flava flave
marathon. Pathetic. But ohhhh sooo good.


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Reenstra short story, with
a beginning, middle, and end, and
lots of little truths along the

Your depth, masked in perky off-
handedness, continues to startle and dazzle.

Kudos, and of course pfyfae,



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