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Friday, December 14, 2007

20 YEARS LATER!!!!!!


So everyone dreads the 20 year highschool re-union, but I actually looked forward to it. I found out the other school I attended up to 9th grade was having theirs the same night----who crashes reunions? I guess that would be me.
I went with 2 best friends from 4th grade who I still keep in touch with. As we walked in I started having incredible flash-backs---there was kenny hoekwater--my very first crush when I was 8! Then there was Sue DeJong who I ran against for 9th grade class president and won. ( most likely because my slogan was "dont be a weenie vote for reenie")
Then there was Mark Winkle the smartest kid in the class (now a Dr.) and My best friend from 2nd grade who I knocked out with a baseball bat during a softball game. (never played sports since)
After a few hours and tons of pictures and alot of "I saw you on tv on that one thing..."
I skipped to pick up my cousin (she was my date) for the reunion at a DOUBLE TREE INN bar (I grew up classy white trash) And the real fun began----laughing, dancing, drinking, and lots of "do you remember" and "What are you doing now" and of course " I saw you on t.v. on that one show..."
And I got to see my first Love. The longest relationship I ever had---6 years!! He was there with his wife and I barely recognized him. Not enough time and too many people---most of them looking exactly the same but some with a few divorces and everyone with lots of kids already in highschool!!!Its hard not to compare at an event like this, but I left feeling happy about exactly where I ended up and smiling at the thought of being married to my x and living in Michigan---with 2 kids--- just made me feel even better about going back to my life, and made me thankful for my dog, my highrise, my job hosting a design show in atlanta but most of all my freedom.....sweet, sweet freedom


At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone in these pictures looks
so much older than you do. I don't
think that is just because you are
professionally knowledgeable in the ways of glamour--but because of
your state of heart, relative to

And then, to support my thought,
we have your post-ending outburst
of, "Freedom!"

Yes. We register. We feel this way
ourselves. We understand, and approve, and relish.

In sum: a deep look at American life, circa 2007, courtesy of the Reenster. Nice work, little

P f y f and e,



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