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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Okay let's discuss Ephesus and how cool it was to see the history there----however, many believe that Mary (mother of Jesus) spent her last days here with John. They even found a house they believe she lived in---it is a sacred beautiful place---but when I looked into the history---we are saying that Mary at the age of around 66 traveled from Jeruselem to Ephesus which is the other side of the country. Did she walk? Take a boat? It would have taken years---and also--the house they believe she lived in had no kitchen, no windows, and no bathroom. How did she live there? I am the host of "designed to sell" a show that helps homeowners to make-over their house and get it ready for the market. I felt compelled to have John Gidding (the designer) look at it and see what he could do---we both decided that without a kitchen, bathroom and no windows, our budget of 2000.00 would just not be enough. We lit a candle (adding some light to the house, which added at least 200.00 value) said a prayer and left. Whether Mary lived there or not, the likelyhood of getting any offers for this house, was not very good.


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