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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ahhh. The turkish shopping....

Well, I think one of these pictures speaks for it'self. At least they are honest about the GENUINE fake watches. As opposed to just regular fake watches. Had to go all the way to Turkey to get the genuine fake.
And carpets-- why the big deal--I did'nt like these kind of carpets in America, but here they show you the effort that it takes for one woman to weave a carpet---day after day---for up to 3 years for just one carpet. I felt so bad for them I wanted to get one just for the cause. But these guys know how to hook us---the serve you wine, and feed you, then show you the woman who work on the carpets and then spend 2 hours rolling out every carpet imaginable--with the oooh's and the aaah's coming from us looking at this amazing spectacle... I got out of there quick while at least 6 of the crew paid way ,way too much for a carpet they will have shipped back to america, and I am guessing when it comes in the mail they might wonder in regret just how many glasses of wine they had prior to the purchase--


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