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Sunday, June 11, 2006

guess house???

Well, this is the first day here in South Africa, and here is the view from my guest house.

It's quiet and lovely and I can not tell I am in another country, except that they call stop lights ROBOTS. They gave me directions the other day and said "Go to the 4th ROBOT and take a left."

I was looking for R2 D2.

Tomorrow I helicopter to the elephants, and then mountain bike to the meercats.

Is this my life? Really? All I know is I would love to get pulled over here for running a robot.

More later....

Rach (mzzzzzz.adventure)


At 12:24 PM, Anonymous starwarsman said...

My question is this: Did you FIND R2-D2? You said you were looking for him, but you never mentioned if you found him. I was just curious...did you look for 'Yoga' too? It would be cool if you found Yoga, although you didn't mention that you were, in fact,looking for him at all. I t was just on miy mind, so I thought that I would ask.Thanks.


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