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Friday, January 27, 2006

Standing-up again

Well, the latest is that I am being flown to Maryland Feb. 6 to test for Animal Planet for the show "Ms. Adventure." The audition will take an entire day. They will actually have an animal handler there--and I am to improve as if I am in the jungle.

I have to keep reminding myself the show is for Animal Planet, not Comedy Central. I have the comedy down, but have to remember to tone it down a bit for the kids. :)

Anyway, to let out my pent up humor, I am officially back to doing stand-up again. I will be performing this Thursday night at a bar called "Amalfi" its at 143 N. Labrea. I'll be performing at 8pm in the room upstairs called "room 5."

It's a normal show with a few comics givin' it up. Can't wait. I miss the stand-up. Been sittin' on my ass for too long :)

I actually am looking into getting a professional "booker" and doin' some comedy all over California if this whole "Ms. Adventure" thing falls through. Meanwhile I am also in the midst of writing and performing in a sketch comedy group called "free lunch." So far the sketches are awful. One idea I had was that everyone perform a sketch with paper bags over their heads. Inspired by my "soy milk" audition that I was never called back for. Paper bags. For some reason its a funny visual for me.

Anyway--going to bed as I am back on the unemployed starving artist time clock...(to bed by 3am...up by noon).

More later my dear fan.

or fans?


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