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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

missing my boy....

What can I say?? I miss my baby----I saw this little black dog on the road and I had to spend some time with him---I realize on this trip--there are things that I miss deeply about my home---and that would be my little boy Howie. He is in doggy day care and so I am sure he is having his own adventure and maybe even is writing his own doggy bloggy----
I remember him looking at me on my bed at home wondering what in the world I was doing putting him with stuffed animals--but he took it like a sport---and then when he looked at me with questioning eyes on my bed (or should I say HIS bed) wondering when I would say the magic words "want to GO OUTSIDE??"
anyway, I had a moment of joy when I got to connect with a little blind italian dog---who let me see how much I love and miss my dog at home-- and it is worth noting that I also desperately miss my big screen tv,-- but I never ran into any of those on the streets of italy.


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