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Thursday, June 29, 2006

to bee or not to bee

Still in the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen, we spent the day learning about the sibling relationships with bees. These are AFRICAN KILLER BEES, and I went in about 14 hives with no protective gear...feeding the bees, checking out the her sisters work night and day for her, and the male bees have no purpose but to copulate with a virgin queen and lay around the hive (wow, males who do strange?) But once they copulate, they die, so let's hope that queen is worth it.

If you ask me, I love the bond with the sisters, but too much work for me. When is the vacation? The days off to go to the spa?

Well, no one ever said making a sweet sweet life would be easy. But one cool thing I learned is the when one of the sister bees finds good food (pollen) she'll go back to the hive and do a "waggle dance." The bigger the dance, means the better food she found.

I went out to eat and had some seafood last night. Got back to the hotel and just did a finger snap and a few shoulder moves---cuz the food was not that great. I think the hotel desk clerk is still a bit confused.

Well, I can say I sat in the middle of thousands of African Killer Bees, no protective wear, and waggle danced away till the honey flowed.


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