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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Me and Dumbo :)

This is my friend KUMBA. Which I think means just HUGE.

Let me tell you being this close to an elephant was an experience. Especially since my friend told me she knew of a honeymoon couple on safari and out of nowhere the woman was trampled. Thanks for tellin' me that the before I am about to ride one.

The trunk feels funny, it's like a whole different animal. It smells you --that is how it greets you---oh and NEVER forgets your smell, (so I made sure to shower and put on some chanel#5). You drop these pellets into it and she takes them and puts them in her mouth.

Then after I rode, the elephant her and her 2 sisters took a mudbath. Thank goodness, because their skin was looking a bit dry and flaky.

I was 2 feet away from them in their watering hole...can't even describe what that was like....

The thing I love is that the entire elephant herd are ALL women. They kick the guys out when they reach puberty. The mom is like "Okay Steve, go get a job and learn how to do your OWN laundry......" Then they spend their whole life with their sisters and cousins, and grandma. In fact, their scent is so strong they can even smell their deceased ancestors if they come across elephant bones.

Like "Hey check out those bones.....that smells like great, great Aunt muboomba." Pretty incredible.

Oh and while I was riding the elephant, she made this huge loud rumble sound...felt like an earthquake. The trainer told me she was just communicating with the rest of the herd (miles away) to let them know she was okay. Kinda like phoning home, but louder and with no cellphone contract to deal with.

Well, next I explore lions and lion cubs.

Thank goodness Kumba won't forget me, (unless I change perfumes) because I wont forget her.

More later!!!


At 12:17 PM, Anonymous mickey said...

Awesome...just awesome...


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