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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Meerkat manners......

Well, I am finally getting up close and personal. These are my meercat friends.

The best thing about these guys is that there is one dude that watches on guard at ALL times to protect the rest. Then if he sees danger, he gives a holla to the rest of the mob and they run for cover. He screamed INCOMING!!!!!!! STRANGE WOMAN WHO IS DOING A POOR IMITATION OF US!!! A few of them ran for cover, but the rest just showed me how silly I looked.

The other cool thing is that they wake in the morning, all of them sun their bellies (by standing on 2 legs) and after they have had a good amount of tanning, they go forage (shopping) all day long. They return around 5pm to eat and play a bit, then go to bed.

Sounds like my PERFECT vacation.

But these guys stick together unless you are a female and you have a baby that does not belong to the leader of the mob. Then your babies will get killed. "But Joey, I swear it's yours...look, it has your eyes!!!"

"Ya knew what would happen Rosie, didnt're gonna go for a little ride now, Rosie...."

Like any real MOB, loyalty is of utmost importance.


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