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Monday, May 22, 2006

This Just In.......

Well, who'd thunk me and Ted Koppel would be sharin' a cocktail one day. We will be workin' for the same network, Discovery. This man is charming and funny and very engaging. He will be doing incredible documentaries about war, Iran, facts the regular news will not broadcast... basically stuff he has been wanting to do all his life and now can on Discovery.

I will be chasing animals all over the world and examining their behavior in hopes that us humans can learn something. Basically stuff I have been doing all my life and now finally get paid to do it...thanks to Discovery and the Animal Planet. Me and Ted are going to make an impact and slowly influence and better the world. Thanks, Ted, for hoppin' along on the bettering the world (or at least entertain) train with me :)

A proud moment this was, a proud moment indeed. 11. Back to you, Ted?


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