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Thursday, June 29, 2006

here kitty kitty

Now we are traveling to stellenbocsh near Cape Town. What AMAZING country side: huge mountains, rolling hills, and of course "townships" which are thousands of tin shacks where the underprivileged live. The contradiction of the lush landscape and mountains against the ocean, then those shanty towns at the foreground of it all, confusing to the eye... and what to feel.

We stayed in the most lovely quaint town that had a church in the middle of it all and little shops that looked like everyone got together for coffee and brunch everyday. And the church bells went off every hour.

We spent our first day at the Cheetah sanctuary....a place that saves cheetahs as they are 10-12 years from becoming extinct. These creatures are beautiful, graceful, and look like playful cats, even their purr is astounding. I played with them with a plastic bottle attached to a string. Quite simple. Yet you could see how fast they are--they run up to 75 miles an hour. I asked them if they ever got pulled over, but apparently, the african cops cut them some slack since they can not run for more then 30 seconds before overheating...some even collapse from exhaustion.

They stick it our with their brothers for life. No matter what. WHO KNEW???? Even after they mate, they go back to the brothers. Where is the sisterly love??

Once again, tune in, there are some surprises from this episode as well.


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