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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well, I knew my life was going to change but I had NO IDEA how much and in such a short time. I was flown to Hotlanta and was spinning from italy and no sleep.
Yet, when I met everyone on the "design to sell" team they all greeted me warmly and were so fun and friendly I woke right up. The designer that I had to have the chemistry test with was a HOT HOT man who was a harvard and yale graduate in architect, in his spare time modeled for Hugo Boss and Gucci and oh yeah, my FAVORITE PART----has been on the cover of like 41 romance novels. Yeah, I think I can force out some chemistry----
we had a BLAST during the filming---had a great party after and then I was off to see the only person I had known from Atlanta--Jeff Hix--a good friend of my best friend shawna ---I had met him once before and we really hit it off.
He was playing in a band (wow surprise surprise I hit it off with a musician)
So we celebrated my future move and I danced to his music so inspired by his talent and proud of the city the universe would be placing me in.


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