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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Coming home to a CHEMISTRY TEST?

Now I failed chemistry in highschool so anything similar scares me-----so when I got the message from my agent the DAY I came home that HGTV was interested in me hosting a show called "design to sell"
but that they FIRST had to fly me to Atlanta to film a chemistry test with the designer (to see if we had chemistry on film) I thought---I knew it! my life is going to change and I'll have a great hosting gig here in L.A. Finally!! So what that "Ms. Adventure" is over--Maybe this is my new big hosting gig!!! When do they want me to do this? Next week? 2 weeks?
"No Reenstra--they need you there tomorrow"

"But I was in Atlanta yesterday on a 4 hour lay-over from Italy-----I have to go back there TOMORROW? I can't have chemistry with no sleep and major jet lag!!!"

"You want the gig or not Reenstra'
"well, yes of course."
"You'd have to move to Atlanta you know"
"GULP. really? Atlanta? Me? I'm california. Everything about me screams california--I Love the ocean and the mountains and the fake people,fake tans, fake hair...oh and I just got a great apartment with a great roomate and a 67 inch tv and couches and bed and...and...and..'
"You want the gig or not Reenstra"
" I have CATHEDRAL CEILINGS!! And it took me months to get satelite and connect my surround sound!!!"
" Gig or not reenstra. Im over this conversation"
"Thats not Atlanta California is it."
"No reenstra. Atlanta georgia. You want the...
'I know I know....yes I want the gig."


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