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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Broken footy

Well it was true after all. There he was crippled but happy to see me. We communicated the most we could with neither of us knowing that much of the others language---so we went where no words were needed--outside to watch the Sunset, ---which by the way, was perfectly designed to be brilliant and glowing up the sky---God's going away gift -----then we sported our intelligent look that fool people into believing we know stuff.
After the sun went down, he ordered (wouldn't you know it) PIZZA and we watched footy. (not his broken one) (it means soccer) Which I thought the perfect way to end my adventure of italy.
As I fell asleep on his couch I mentally prepared myself for the reality that I would have to face the next day---L.A.----somehow I think my life is going to make a HUGE change ----there is no way I can have a trip like this and have it not effect every part of my life-----
So I say goodbye to my marcos, kamil, bus people friends, Italian wine, gelado, and cappuccino, old man from norway, Mistro, and of course the Pope.


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