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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Almost over....

So it is coming to my last day in Rome. Marco 1 has left and after a few days alone I promised I would spend the last day with Marco 2. He is the Marco I met here in Rome a few weeks ago. So I awaited his arrival. He was supposed to pick me up at 11:00am in Rome. I waited. And waited. No Marco 2. The weather fit my mood as it was pouring down rain. I felt very sorry for myself being stood up on my last day in Rome---with no place to go because all of the hotels were booked. I attempted to call him, but there was no answer.
I walked the streets and sat at a cafe and ordered my final Pizza and glass of wine. Even in the rain, all alone, Rome is romantic. The cobblestone streets shine with the new rain and people continue to stroll with the umbrellas, unaffected by the weather.
Then all of a sudden an old man sits at my table. Right across from me. "Is anyone sitting here?" he said in some accent. "no" and that was all he needed. I had ordered water in a glass and he began to drink out of it. I was shocked and entertained at the same time. Who breaks THIS kind of personal space?? He was from Norway and asked me why I was in Rome. Good question--- I wanted to say -to heal a broken heart, to get sense of adventure and independence back, to get over my year of turmoil and loss, and maybe hook up with an italian or two. But I just ended up saying-" I LOVE TO TRAVEL" he nodded his head and said "Ahh yes- the life of a free spirit" and that was it.
He ordered a beer and we both sat in silence in the rain as I ate my pizza and he drank his beer (and my water.)


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