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Thursday, October 25, 2007

well---the FIRST thing I should be doing since we have already started filming the show-----I need a place to live in Atlanta!!
So instead of spending all weekend looking for a place---I decide to go with my friend Jeff and his kids to meet my best girlfriend shawna up in the mountains----camping at the infamous "leaf festival" up in ashville Noth Carolina-----a utopia of colorful leaves, mountains, sunshine, music, dancing, organic EVERYTHING, ...........and sleeping with 2000 of your closest friends in tents all across the colorful hills on the lake.....
It was INCREDIBLE. Tents full of people contra dancing (don't ask), poetry readings, bands, and even a group from a village in Rawanda performed their music and got into the audience dancing with all of a feeling I was stuck in a time warp in the 60's-----what other crazy thing could I do here? ........I had to ask.......


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