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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wine and Drugs?

You just might think after 2 weeks with the bus people friends--I might have had enough, but that is just not the case. In the beautiful town of Amalfi, there was an open roof bus that went to the top of the mountain to an incredible town called Ravello....I hopped on it and I was home--there I was again with old bus people----enjoying the view up the cliffsides to the top of the incredible town that would take your breath away......I found at the top---the reason that italians might be so happy...
Wine and Drugs?? They were so obvious about it, so after being truly appalled----- I went in.......and met the most wonderful italian who began to offer me wine tastings and feed me incredible cheese and homemade bread------ok- I bought the wine, but I stayed away from the drugs.....:)


At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, I also visited "Wine & Drugs"..The "wonderful" Italian you met is actually Croatian. He also offered the wine tastings and the free bread & cheese to me. It was a great scheme!.. after having wine shipped back home, I found out he had overcharged us for the wine by at least 15 euro per bottle. He also only shipped part of our order. He gave us an email address and a phone # that are not valid. Please warn anyone traveling to Ravello to beware of this thief!!


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