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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Amalfi coast, food and me..

When you are staying in a place with a view like this, you have your choice between the ocean or the pool, and THEN you have the best meal you have eaten in years, you must hug the italian chef and never let him go. Why do I feel like I am made for this place?

This is IT! T


At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like you might be in Positano--
at the very least, I'm glad you went
to the Amalfi Coast, because it really might be the nicest part of
Italy, if such a thing can be

Beautiful pictures, as always--it's
an obvious thing to say, but you
make us feel as though we are just
a little bit there, and that's
the whole point...

Definitely praying for you,


At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Out of sorely missing your posts from Italy, I checked out your brother's blog today, and saw a response from a "Rachel"--and thought it might be
from you...hence this note, probably not one for publication, but heartfelt nonetheless.

And if that other "Rachel" wasn't you--apologies.

While you're over in Italy, don't let the ambience make you think too hard about being a Catholic.


I was raised a Catholic, and went
to Catholic grade school and
high school.

But I didn't stay a Catholic--for
one reason.

I want to follow the Truth.

As far as I can see, that excludes
any denomination--since all denominations are resting on man-
made precepts, not God-made ones.

So what am I recommending? Without
any disrespect for your brother, I
am not recommending going to
a theological seminary. I'm not
recommending a kind of make-it-up-
as-you go along New Agey mismash
'spirituality,' either--or, just
doing nothing and hoping for the

I'm recommending only one thing--
reading the New Testament and
then doing exactly what it says.

I don't have a "church" to send
anyone to who does that--I haven't
been to church in twenty-five years, because I don't know of any
"churches" that are based on doing
that, regardless of what they might

But anyone
who does what I'm suggesting will become part of
a church, the church the New
Testament speaks about.

I'm in that church. My wife is.

And, two other people I know--
my agent, believe it or not, and
his wife.

There are surely others, but I
couldn't tell you where they are--
and that's not what matters anyway.

What matters is reading the New
Testament and doing what it says.

No matter how breezy and engaging
your posts are, I'm guessing that
all is not right within the Reenstra consciousness right now.
Some pretty rough things have
happened to you lately, and they
have taken their toll, I am sure.

That's probably just the right
place to be in to think about taking my suggestion seriously--
one almost no one ever does,
despite their protestations to
the contrary.

Many are called. Few are chosen.
Assisi had it right--but not because of Catholicism.

You can probably find an English
New Testament pretty easily--oh,
I don't know, about as easily as
you found Marco...

Like I've said before, there are
people praying for you out here--
people you don't even know.




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