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Monday, August 07, 2006

Ain't no Koala back girl

Well, today was the day I wanted to get to the bottom of parenting in the world of Koalas. The male stops by for "coffee" and never comes back. The female is only pregnant for 32 days-- then she spends the next 6 months with a baby in her pouch, then 6 more months hangin' around learnin' the ropes, and then the baby is on its own. The mom raises the kid all by herself, a perfect "single mom" scenerio. Without the child support.

But today we had to catch a wild koala for research purposes and I got to hold her and her baby. We did some measurements and then let her back into her favorite tree. Not without her freaking out on me and jumping and clawing at me--a nice reminder that this is NOT a PETTING ZOO. These are wild animals and can lose their cool at ANY second.

But remember...there are no Mistakes...only MS. ADVENTURES.

And I am about to put some neosporin and a bandaid on this one.


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