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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Well you are gonna LOVE this bird, the Cassowary. Check this out: it lays its eggs and then takes off, leaving the father to incubate them and raise them. The ultimate Mr. Mom story. But wait, it gets better. She leaves him to hook up with as many males as she can, then sometimes comes back to the eggs she laid, only to EAT THEM!!!

So...just in case you ever thought you had a bad childhood, or your mom wasn't very grateful!! They also have one foot that has the CLAW of DEATH. It has a HUGE sharp knife-like shape and has been known to blugeon people when crossed . No wonder they have road signs all over to make people aware. This is a Bird you do not want to upset. Although when it comes to having kids, a woman who puts it all on the man... that's a nice change if you ask me :)


At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Jaws of Death! said...

This bird seems like a real trallop... When is she going to take some responsibility here?!! OF COURSE you don't want to upset this bird, she has kids all over the country that she has adondoned! The guilt that this Cassowary bird must be carrying with her must be a heavy burden I am sure. She better have a 'Claw of Death', she is going to need it when her kids try to track her down for back child support. I would classify this bird in the 'deadbeat' category.

On a side-note:Is the 'Claw of Death' similar to 'Jaws of Death'? I would really like to know.


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