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Monday, August 07, 2006

A true FISH out of WATER

Well, just in case you were wondering, does Ms. Adventure actually get IN the water?? Only with proper gear. Safety first.

And NOTHIN' says safety like a yellow snorkle and orange flippers.


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Dr. Joseph Spiney said...

I LOVE that it is so beautiful there and you have a special 'snorkel-pro' to help you. I can't wait for this episode to air...but I feel bad too...As you can see by this man's posture, snorkeling for prolonged periods of time causes your spine to curve to the is sad to see this captured in a photograph but he looks like he has accepted his new 'condition' which makes me feel a little bit more relaxed. It looks as if YOUR spine is starting to curve a bit to the left, which is may want to have that checked out just to be safe. So far there have been no reported cases of curvature to the left which raises some questions inside myself, most of which happen to focus on the spine.I hope you cover this in your show as it is important for people to know the dangers of snorkeling and the affects it has on your spinal cord. Thank you Ms. Adventure.


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