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Monday, August 07, 2006

Bush Buggy-in'

Well, how does one get to see crocodiles??? How does one travel to see koalas???

NO, not by car, not by plane, not even by BUSH BUGGY. All I know is forget the VESPA, I want to travel everywhere in a bush buggy!! However, if there is a chance I can repel to get somewhere I will do that, but for now, I'll take this homemade lawnmower vehicle over the hills and through the the next MS. ADVENTURE!!!


At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Bob the "Bush Buggy" Man said...

I too would like to purchase a 'bush buggy'. Do they sell them at Home Depot or Toys "R" Us perhaps? If so, how much will it 'run' me? Get it? I wrote the word 'run' because you are not 'running' at all when you are in the bush buggy...well, the engine is I guess, but you are sitting down...anyway, the point is that it col, okay? Jeesh...

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous KIRK said...

I think I see a paparazzo in the bush.No wait yea it is yup. It's your auto insurance agent.What's that in his hand, a cancellation notice.I'll be over too pick you up in 2 shakes of my tail. KIRK


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