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Saturday, August 05, 2006

why they call it GREAT

Well, not often you see a whale jump out of the sea, and actually get a picture of it.

Here at the GREAT barrier reef, that's not the only magical thing...Phil, my lovely Marine Biologist, taught me all about the courting relationships in the sea, and they make us look really boring. Some species change gender, some change colors to attract the opposite sex, (I have a hard time changing clothes for a date)...hmmm....

The cool thing about the REEF is that it is the world's largest organism (yes, I said OR-GAN-ISM), and since each reef clones itself, it can not mate with itself so on a full moon all the different reefs release eggs and sperm at the same time and they all just magically find each other! It's like one huge LOVEFEST in the sea!

No wonder I feel funny on a full moon.


At 1:36 PM, Anonymous The Whale Man said...

Wow...I never have seen a whale in the wild before and the fact that you got a picture of it is too cool. It's jumping right out of the water! The whale is definitely a show-off as you can see. Are all whales show-offs? Maybe you could do a show about that....? It could be called "Are all Whales Show-Offs?", just like that. I will write a latter to Animal Planet right now as it think this is a good idea for a show. Thank you Ms. Adventure.


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