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Friday, January 20, 2006

Me and "the Good Fella"

Well- here it is--another day in Hollywood. Me and Paul SORVINO. (Apparently I spelled his name wrong in my last blog entry.) Sorry, Good Fella. Thanks for the Lunchtime Solo Performance Opera.

In the middle of the day today I ran over to another place on the CBS lot and auditioned for Jen Elfman's new show called "Courting Alex." She was in the room. When she stood up I think I came up to her neck. She's huge. I mean TALL.

Anyway, the audition was over in a second, and leaving the room ALWAYS feels strange. Do you say 'Thank You?' Do you slip out the door still in chartacter? The producers just stare at you and it's a moment you want the floor to swallow you up. It's like I wanted to say..."That's all there is guys, sorry- you writers only gave me 5 lines." For a few bucks and a two drink minimum I can give you a good 7 minutes of stand-up.

Anyway-- I am now headed to a "bowling party" for my managers birthday. It's disco bowling. Cuz in L.A. ya just can't have a normal bowling place. They need lights...cameras...Action!!!!!


At 8:42 PM, Blogger JCR said...

Rachel, I'm jealous of the Lunchtime Aria you got from Paul Sorvino. Sounds fun. Oh, and very cool pic of you & Paul -- at least, the one you see when you click the link. But the fuzzy late-night-TV-type lines here, with the micro-thumbnail pic, is great too. Did you forget that your brother is a professional geek? =P

BTW, you should've told the producers that stuff you were thinking at the audition. What could it hurt? They're mostly giant tools, anyway. --Who is that said, "Always leave them laughing?"...

And, um, disco bowling? Sorry, but I'd rather be cold and miserable here in Chicago (as we all are), thankyouverymuch.


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