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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blue Grotto!!!

Finally-the amalfi coast in the sunshine! Get me on a boat ASAP I say! I met up with a friend from India (kamil)
And well, this maybe the most beautiful place on earth seriously.......but I had to find out what the "Blue Grotto" was like. I have heard you go into this wonderful cave, the water is striking blue, and the italian man rowing the boat sings to you.....
well--I have to congratulate the italians for the biggest scam on the planet. We paid 24 dollars to get on a row boat, the man could NOT sing (in any language) and we were in this dark cave for 3 seconds. Was the water blue? Yes WOW blue water AMAZING! Lets pay you more! Blue water from the sea! They paddled us back out of the cave, took our money and laughed ( well, it looked like they were laughing) yikes....
I am thinking of getting a huge stamp tattooed to my forehead tomorrow that says "Stupid American"


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