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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Drink dance and learn better italian

I can hardly keep up with all we are doing on this amazing tour.....
Last night we took a dinner cruise that went around venice and we had a 4 course meal to candle light as we looked at the city lights shining on the water----yes, very romantic----but not so much with a boat full of 60+ and yet, we danced, ate, drank, and laughed all the way to venice. I was hoping one of them would not burst an artery or have a heart attack. We walked around St. Marcs square and admired the music and people at night---took an amazing gondola ride---then we took the boat back, danced on the boat some more---and then me and a younger man, Bill ( and by younger man I mean 57) went to a local bar. This was a riot---of course I wanted to speak with the hot italian men, but when one good looking italian called me over to his table I must have sounded like a retard. All I could say in italian was " I like cappuccino." " (Vorrei capuccino_and "I like travel." (vorrei viajarle) And they just looked at me like--Uh yeah, what. Imagine some random person walking up to you in a bar telling you they like coffee and travel.
A real conversationalist I was. I thought my italian was better, but after a few glasses of wine and dancing on a rocking boat all night, thats all I could remember. Anyway, it is as if Venice is enticing you to be in love----the music, gondola rides, wine.......but for some reason I feel happier alone then I ever have----not even envying the couple next to me making out. Although I can't help the part in my head that is saying to them
" Oh sure, its great now in the city of LOVE but just give it a few more months and brace yourself before the tsunami of heart break hits"
Oh well, if the coffee in Italy can be strong and bitter, so can I. :)


At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to be redundant, but it's good
to see the joker's hat is still
firmly in play. In the photo of you in the gondola, it looks like a chicken is sitting on your head. This, combined with your patented
chipper expression, is as good as it gets.

The shadow/light in the same picture
is Venice to the bone--loved seeing/
feeling it.

Assisi, all kidding aside, had the
right idea. Nice to hear the story
again--it can never be told enough--you told it well.

Prayin' for ya'--


At 1:05 AM, Blogger Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Hi, I found your blog randomly looking for posts on Italy...too bad I didn't know you were coming earlier, we could have tried to meet for a coffee in Milan. Hope you're enjoying your trip.


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