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Monday, September 24, 2007


well I arrived and 30 minuted later came INGO!!! Having not seen eachother for 7 years!! It was like we were never apart. Immediately we opened a bottle of fine german red wine on my hotel balcony, and started talking and laughing just as if I saw him yesterday---- We went for pasta and more wine on the lake---and then stayed up most the night catching up on everything in our lives! The next day we sat by the lake drinking cappuccino and relaxing..... time went too fast and before knew it he was off again---back to Germany----of course the bus people saw us all over town together and wanted to know all about him. They grilled him with questions ----making sure he was good enough to spend the day with me :) He passed the test----more because he could not understand most of what they said and he just smiled and nodded.....they thought although he was shy he was really sweet.....


At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words have meaning, of course--but
there is always something that comes
through whatever you post that is
beyond the words. All your feelings
are abundant and clear in what you've
written the last few days--which
makes what you write so compelling.
Moving. Appreciated.

In wait for your next missive...

Yours truly,

Anonymous (not to be confused
with other "Anonymouses")


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